The Eyed Click Beetle


I don’t know why my office attracts bizarre insects, but I certainly enjoy it! This bugger is the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle (Alaus oculatus) and it makes this loud clicking sound as it hurls itself high into the air. I did not know this when meeting him in the warehouse as he did look intimidating, but think I’ll have to give it a go if he comes around again. The best thing about finding these bugs is learning something new about these amazing creatures, and getting to photograph them is pretty cool too 🙂


Can I help you?

Can I help you?

As my friend’s peregrine falcon pulls at a tiny morsel of food after an unsuccessful flight, I laid down on the ground to grab this shot. He paused for a brief second to give me stink eye for interrupting his snack time. Well maybe if we didn’t have to chase him for two miles I wouldn’t need to lay down!

Gopher tortoise on film

Gopher tortoise on film

This photo is a few years old when I first started getting back into film and picked up a M3. Seeing the amazing colors of Velvia 50 it was all that was used for a little while until I figured out the best things to use it for (landscape, sunsets, NOT people). I was on a nature hike in Gainesville with a roll of Velvia 50 loaded and ready when I can across this young gopher tortoise. This native Floridian reptile is threatened and always a treat to see in the wild!

Rider on the storm

Rider on the storm

This red-shouldered hawk questions whether to hunker down in this old cypress tree or try and out fly the storm just before it hits. Guess he saw the futility in outrunning the storm since he stayed while the deluge of summer rain came over us all.

GHO (great horned owl)


An old photo taken many years ago that still captures my imagination. What is he thinking? How old is this bird? Always felt that those piercing yellow eyes go to the center of your soul with an ageless wisdom beyond this world.

Not sure where you are today old friend but I’m sure you are out there somewhere.