To Insure Proper Service


Tipping is not a city in China. Especially not on that turns you into a soulless vampire.


Good Morning St John’s


After a night of chasing ghosts, Emily (about a year old at the time) woke up early so I decided we should go on walkabout to see how Savannah transforms from the most haunted city in America to an enthralling architectural and historic beauty. This photo of St. John’s Episcopal Church captures a little of both as the golden light of morning pushes away dark shadows hiding vengeful ghosts. Shot on Fuji Provia 400X film (sadly discontinued in 2013).

Forsyth fountain

Forsyth fountain savannah

If you have been to Savannah, you know this place. Serving the public since 1858, this fountain and the park its in are always nice to stroll through, especially in the early morning hours when its less crowded. At night the park is infested with boo-hags and worse; I tried it once and did not quite make it to the fountain. That’s okay, there are plenty of less haunted venues to see at night in this ghost-filled city.