It’s going down

It's going down..

The shadows grew long and dark as Special Agent Fitz followed his mark. He  was quickly approaching the van where other agents lied in wait to take the man they had been watching for many months. It almost seemed too easy, Agent Fitz reflected, but the man was obviously too distracted to know that Federal agents would soon be swarming down on his position and foiling his plot. Or does there man have something more sinister waiting around the corner for the unknowing agents…..

Okay, you can tell I have been binge watching The Blackilst while home with the baby. This is just a scene captured during my bachelor party in NYC, but seeing it though up this silly story and wanted to share with all of you.


Angles NYC 2003

Angles NYC 2003

A quick pick from my first visit to NYC in March 2003, taken with the now ancient Olympus C2100UZ. Normally I don’t post gear info, but the 2100 “UZI” was a great camera that was a lot of fun.