The Cooper’s hawk three-foot-stare

Cooper's Hawk stare

Flying an Accipiter is akin to dating a psycho. It can be a lot of fun, things move fast, and when times are good they are great. But, staying sane is overwhelming, the time you have to invest leaves room for nothing else, and the propensity toward violence is a serious consideration. While hawking with a Cooper’s hawk was certainly memorable, I would definitely have to check my brain before attempting that again.

Oh, in case you were wondering the Cooper’s hawk three-foot-stare looks a lot like the photo above. Its the look moments before the hawk makes a concerted effort to grab your face with its talons.


Can I help you?

Can I help you?

As my friend’s peregrine falcon pulls at a tiny morsel of food after an unsuccessful flight, I laid down on the ground to grab this shot. He paused for a brief second to give me stink eye for interrupting his snack time. Well maybe if we didn’t have to chase him for two miles I wouldn’t need to lay down!