Yet another orchid photo

Yet another orchid photo

If you have lived in this world for even a short amount of time, chances are you have seen the Phalaenopsis orchid in a neighbor’s tree or your favorite big box garden center. Even better chances that you have seen photos of these beautiful plants ad nauseum in photos shows and nature exhibits. Well, here is my hat in the ring from 2006. Shot on a Canon 10D and 180mm macro lens.


Pineland Heliotrope

Pineland Heliotropeut

Of all theĀ Florida plants that I encounter daily, Pineland Heliotrope (Heliotropium polyphullum) continues to be one of my favorites. Easily overlooked, this native plant along with its cousins the seaside Heliotrope and Scoripontail, are worth looking out for if you’re in south Florida wandering around natural areas.