Time warp: Christmas 2004

This is not a photo of the Deathstar, or Alderaan for that matter. It is a photo taken back in 2004 of my Christmas tree at long shutter speeds. If memory serves correctly I was trying to get something cool to send as a holiday greeting card, and ended up using a photo of my old hawk Big Bird under a similar setting. With so many changes over the past decade, it is good to see that some things stay the same. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!Christmas 2004


The Christmas season begins

As our two-and-a-half-year-old daughter reaches the age of understanding, it is fun and bittersweet to see things through her eyes. The wonderment, joy and elation of all the things that we have forgotten about, or become numb to, as adults have come alive again. Simple tasks like decorating the Christmas tree that became routine long ago are again magical. Friends who had kids long before me always said how you relive youth through your own children. How true it is. To my sweet little girl, thank you for this.

Christmas 2014