Touch me!


Or maybe not. I have not been able to identify this beautiful specimen, but was sure happy to come across it in the field. Any ideas?


Red-shouldered hawk and the Sunset


I dug this old pic up from 2005 from when I took my old Canon 10D and 400mm f5.6 to the Everglades to do some nature photography. The sun was setting after a very stormy afternoon and caught this red-shouldered hawk admiring the sunset as much as I was.

It truly is amazing how photographs can bring you back to a certain moment. It seems I forget more than remember these days, but seeing this and I am immediately back in my old Ford Explorer, wet, cold and sitting on the side of the road watching the sun set when I noticed this hawk sitting on this old wooden structure about a quarter mile up the road. I moved my Explorer up to get the shot, took this picture, and shared a beautiful sunset with a magnificent creature. Certainly not a bad memory to recall!

Where’s Waldo?

Somewhere between Gainesville and Jacksonville lies the City of Waldo. Infamous as a haven for speed traps (the limit precipitously drops from 65 mph to 30 mph here), this small town could be missed on your travels if you were to blink.

Waldo has always caught my eye. Its downtown area harkens back to another time, even if the buildings are now old, barren and wanting for business. If not forced to slow down by threat of fine, I wonder if the beauty of Waldo would have escaped me.


For anyone who has taken family Christmas pictures

L1000256You will understand this. Trying to get two young kids to look in the same direction alone is a feat only permissible by lady luck. Getting both kids to smile while looking at the camera, well, might as well play the lottery that day. I did get one for the family Christmas card, and can thank lady luck and a fast camera buffer for the shot…