Slender Man in Savannah

L1003175You never know when you’re going to see Slender Man. I hear its usually in the woods, but this photo taken in a back alley of Savannah may prove otherwise. As Savannah is the most haunted place in the United States, it only makes sense that this horror would make an appearance here.


Growing up quick


My oldest daughter turns five in a few months, and this is truly one of the first pictures she willingly let me take.  She is growing up quick (too fast sometime, too slow others) and it is hard to stop and catch the subtle changes that happen often, glad I have a ton of pictures to look back on as the years speed by. Time stand still, as Rush would sing it..

Heading down the road


It was raining, which made finding the property harder than it should have been. Not a cold, dreary rain but more of the warm and humid storms common in Florida. Drove past the unmarked street twice before realizing that my destination must be down this small, one lane road that my mind kept saying was the place to be. Low and behold, my senses were right.

It was small, barely enough to get a truck down and not well paved but certainly beautiful with a lush forest enveloping you shortly after pulling off the main road. I had to pay close attention driving as it beauty almost distracted me from the fact that some areas had trees so close to edge of the pavement that care had to be taken not to clip one side or the other of the truck.

I will certainly visit this area again as there are sure to be more visual treasures here waiting to be uncovered in different lighting and weather conditions. The rain was a nice touch in the end though, as I may have missed this shot if it wasn’t for the increased contrast of the scene.


So, after too long of a break I am finally picking up the camera again. Between the move to Gainesville, starting the new business, and trying to get the family settled in, its fair to say that photography has not been my priority lately. With a month in the new place under our belt, things are getting back into the routine. I do have a couple of photos to share, and about five rolls of film to develop so more is to come. In the meantime here is a shot of the girls. Tricky to get two kids to sit still. Ever.


It’s going down

It's going down..

The shadows grew long and dark as Special Agent Fitz followed his mark. He  was quickly approaching the van where other agents lied in wait to take the man they had been watching for many months. It almost seemed too easy, Agent Fitz reflected, but the man was obviously too distracted to know that Federal agents would soon be swarming down on his position and foiling his plot. Or does there man have something more sinister waiting around the corner for the unknowing agents…..

Okay, you can tell I have been binge watching The Blackilst while home with the baby. This is just a scene captured during my bachelor party in NYC, but seeing it though up this silly story and wanted to share with all of you.