To simpler times

Remember the days when playing in the lake was all you needed? Whether it was swimming, fishing, skipping stones or just kicking around, the experience was fulfilling. It is hard to slow down sometimes, but who says we can’t enjoy the simpler things if we just makeĀ the time to enjoy them.

Simpler times

Miniature forest

On a decaying branch of an old live oak tree lived this tiny forest most of us would pass by and never notice. I know I usually do, but this grabbed my eye and reminded me to slow down and look at the world around me a little more carefully.


A burger shall be made

The nice guy feverishly working the grill looked up just after I took this shot. Told him the burger was great and to keep up the good work; a universal thumbs up was flashed as his attention turned back to the next batch of grilled meat that needed tending to.