Not her too…..

Not her too..

Poor Beezle. After years of having his picture taken by me, he thought that having kids would take the spotlight off of him. Now that Emily is old enough to start following in her daddy’s footsteps he has started anew! No rest for the weary…

Catching lizards

Catching lizards

So my niece and daughter wanted to catch a few critters while we were visiting Gainesville. Started with small bugs and butterflies, then worked our way up to lizards. Soon Emily realized that the net wasn’t very good for the brown anoles, so she decided to wear it. Who’s catching who?

Shot with the venerable Contax T2 on Kodak Ektar 100. Go film!

One of the rarest and most endangered plants in Florida..

Deltoid spurge


What, were you expecting some grandiose beauty found hanging in an ancient cypress tree, only accessible by wading through the Everglades for three days? Sorry, the deltoid spurge (Chamaesyce deltoidea) has no such story.

The deltoid spurge is only found in the endemic Pine Rockland habitat (which happens to be my personal favorite) found in southern Miami-Dade county. With its habitat reduced by over 98%, there aren’t many places for this diminutive plant to go. Small? Yeah you can say that. The leaves are not too much bigger than the size of a pinhead and unless you know where to look, it is easily stepped right over. What amazes me about this and the other rare plant species found in this area is the fact that most of the plants grow on rock with no soil and little nutrients. This makes for small but incredibly beautiful plants.

When working in these areas I have to keep my eyes peeled, looking at the same spots again and again until these rare, and endangered plants make their presence known. But, their discovery is always an amazing experience since they may not be here when next I come.

PS – One of these days I will get around to showing all of you a real beauty from the Pine Rockland, the Polygala smallii.

Yet another orchid photo

Yet another orchid photo

If you have lived in this world for even a short amount of time, chances are you have seen the Phalaenopsis orchid in a neighbor’s tree or your favorite big box garden center. Even better chances that you have seen photos of these beautiful plants ad nauseum in photos shows and nature exhibits. Well, here is my hat in the ring from 2006. Shot on a Canon 10D and 180mm macro lens.

The road well traveled

The road well traveled

The road well traveled has proven its worth, hence why its well traveled. Usually safe, known and easily followed, but even these roads present their own danger and perils. Perils made more dangerous because the unassuming believe in the safety of the road, that there is nothing to fear simply by its own virtue. Not always true, but I guess every road has its share of uncertainty. This leaves us with the age-old question; is it sometimes better to take the road less traveled?