Ray Lamontagne at the Fillmore Miami July 12, 2014

This is my first time seeing Ray Lamontagne live, even though I have been a fan for quite a while. It was certainly worth the wait as the show was amazing. I would have love to have had a press pass to get up close, but I will take what can be had. Not amazing stuff but not too bad for a 36mm f2.8 lens 30 rows deep!

If you get the chance to see Ray Lamontagne live, do so. If you have not heard his music stop by his website and check it out. Great music by an amazing artist that has made my life a better place!

A special thanks to Bert for getting those chatting girls behind us to leave in peace, and for joining me on an incredible evening!

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Cormorants take Biscayne Bay

Cormorants take Biscayne Bay

As the current swept me out to Biscayne Bay, these cormorants showed me it was no big deal to be heading into deeper waters. That, and a friend from the Wildlife Research Team (thanks, Donna!) helped me get through the day hopelessly adrift in a canoe.

It was just outside of Nashville…

It was just outside of Nashville...

I don’t think this was Ray’s dream, but this old barn was just outside of Nashville. It was a cold, dreary, wet kind of day, but Beezle, Obi and I had a great time regardless. I distinctly remember having one of the best cups of hot chocolate on the way back to Sara’s house after this little adventure…. Amazing how a photograph can take you right back to the moment it was taken and the events that surrounded it!

The Ocean Blue

The Ocean Blue

Yep. You’ve seen this on a thousand “Greetings from Florida” postcards, every travel website that wants to whisk you away from the frozen north, and on The Travel Channel’s various programs meant to incite daydreams of margaritas and mojitos. But, there is still some magic in the ancient ocean blue that captures our hearts and imaginations.