Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss.

Waking up and getting ready at 5am is no easy task for a 2-year-old. Outfitted for the day wearing Minnie pajamas, pink Crocs, an old sweater, and the extended family of Mickey and Minnie dolls Emily gallantly stands by the front door telling mom and dad to hurry up. If she only knew….

Thankfully the anesthesiologist, surgeon and nurses were great and everything went well. Though I doubt Emily will be as enthusiastic next time we go to the doctor’s office.

Emily goes to surgery

The Christmas season begins

As our two-and-a-half-year-old daughter reaches the age of understanding, it is fun and bittersweet to see things through her eyes. The wonderment, joy and elation of all the things that we have forgotten about, or become numb to, as adults have come alive again. Simple tasks like decorating the Christmas tree that became routine long ago are again magical. Friends who had kids long before me always said how you relive youth through your own children. How true it is. To my sweet little girl, thank you for this.

Christmas 2014

Golfer’s delight

I’m no golfer, but this guy was bad. After several failed assassination attempts, he sat in the cart to reflect. This pause in the day; A) made me thankful I was not in his party, and B) gave me a moment to notice the sky and grab this pic.


Good intentions

This cute red beetle (that happens to be a biological agent introduced to control my plant arch nemesis air potato) met his match when he stepped into this golden silk spiders’ web. Too bad he won’t be on the front lines of integrated pest management anymore. He will be missed!

Good intentions...